Be A Hero

Best in Photography and Videography work!

What I am known for


Paintball photography is my forte. It's where I got my start and still do it to this day. SPL, MVPS, and NXL.

Real Estate Photography

Inside, outside, and from the air. I am a FAA Licensed drone pilot. My objective is to be an asset to help sell your house.

Photo/Video Editing

Creative photoshop work and clean video editing for your business or personal use.

What Motivates me

When it comes to paintball, the community and support I get from the teams are amazing. Each event feels like it’s new. Players come up and say they love my work and new players ask about where to get my photos. I aim to deliver naturally edited photos for players to purchase. 

In my work as a real estate photographer, I want to make sure that your house will WOW a potential buyer. With years of experience, I have learned the dos and don’ts of what really sells a house. Working closely with one of the top Realtors® in the state of Florida, I have been his main photographer over the years. 

My goal in photography and videography is always to grow and excel in both fields. Whether that is to invest in new equipment or invest time into gaining experience in areas that I need to grow.